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Learning Git

This weekend I have been learning how to use git version control, so I can share my projects/demos via Github, and hopefully get involved in some too. Rather than using the Github application or EGit Eclipse plugin (which I had used in the past), I’m in the process of learning command-line git. There are going to be times when having a downloadable project is going to help explain/understand a tutorial better than just a blog post alone. If you are interested in learning about git and don’t know where to start, I recommend the Lynda ‘Git Essential Training’ course.

Commenting now open

Commenting is now available, primarily as a way for readers (if there are any?) to contribute and for myself to respond/post-script articles. Provided things don’t get too spammy, commenting should continue to be available throughout 2013.


So, earlier on this week my wordpress was hacked. I went for a clean WP and database install, which seemed the safest option and have taken steps to harden this new installation.
The positives are that I am now a lot more familiar with the cPanel backup options, however I have lost my old posts. I will attempt to reconstruct these over the next few days.