This is where I keep a log of my learning goals. This list will evolve over time and, where possible, will include a related tutorial. When studying in your spare time it can be difficult getting enough time to get into the zone. I believe having too many diffuse goals can result in knowing a little bit about many things which ultimately doesn’t amount to much…better to make one or two great products than a hundred crappy ones? Like wise, I feel it’s better to have a few focussed areas of study than to try to do everything!


When I’m working with Android in my day job, I mainly use Cordova for Android. This results in me using more JavaScript than native code. One of my top priorities is getting up to speed on the native APIs and working through the API guides and Training topics, starting with…


HTML5 is a bit of a catch-all term that I’m using to refer to HTML5/JS/CSS3, mainly with slant in the direction of mobile development, so expect to see some Cordova WebViews soon!

  • JavaScript design patterns: Module | Prototype | …
  • CSS animations: transitions and transforms

Reading List

Build the house on solid foundations.

  • Joshua Bloch – Effective Java. Items: 3 | …
  • Steve McConnell – Code Complete

General Computing

You can only fit so many things into a year’s Masters course…

  • Gang of Four design patterns
  • Regular Expressions
  • Learn about Version Control (most likely Git/GitHub, Subversion/SVN)