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Hello Jekyll!

One of the reasons for my hiatus here has been that my wordpress install is hard to keep secure, maintainable and lightweight. WordPress + security plugins + spam plugins + updates + databases need work to make the site work. This kinda explains things. I’ll maybe migrate this blog, but for the time being I’ll be posting over at, as it better suits my aims.

Learning Git

This weekend I have been learning how to use git version control, so I can share my projects/demos via Github, and hopefully get involved in some too. Rather than using the Github application or EGit Eclipse plugin (which I had used in the past), I’m in the process of learning command-line git. There are going to be times when having a downloadable project is going to help explain/understand a tutorial better than just a blog post alone. If you are interested in learning about git and don’t know where to start, I recommend the Lynda ‘Git Essential Training’ course.

Commenting now open

Commenting is now available, primarily as a way for readers (if there are any?) to contribute and for myself to respond/post-script articles. Provided things don’t get too spammy, commenting should continue to be available throughout 2013.


So, earlier on this week my wordpress was hacked. I went for a clean WP and database install, which seemed the safest option and have taken steps to harden this new installation.
The positives are that I am now a lot more familiar with the cPanel backup options, however I have lost my old posts. I will attempt to reconstruct these over the next few days.